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Vaccination at Sanders Pharmacy

Getting a vaccination is easy and convenient at Sanders Pharmacy.
Our team is able to provide a number of vaccinations. Come in to ask about vaccinations that protect against influenza, also called the flu, whooping cough and tetanus, meningococcal disease, shingles and Covid-19.
Our Pharmacists are trained vaccinators, and this makes getting a vaccination really convenient. With your permission, we send the vaccination details to your Doctor so your records will be always up to date.


We offer primary & Booster vaccines. Walk in 9am - 5pm Mon-Friday. If you require a vaccination on a weekend, please phone ahead and check with the Pharmacist on duty if they are available. No charge for Covid Vaccination.

Childrens Covid Vaccinations  (age 5 to 12 years) Mondays 2pm-4pm, only available by appointment via

Available from Monday 3rd April 2023. 

Walk in's 9am-5pm weekdays, no appointment necessary. If you require a vaccination on a weekend, please phone ahead and check with the Pharmacist on duty if they are available. 

Unfunded pricing: $38

Eligibility criteria for FREE seasonal influenza vaccination for 2023*:
- Pregnant women (any trimester)
- People aged 65 years and older
- Maori and pacific islanders aged 55 years and older those
- Children up to 12 years are also funded (6m to 12ys) - we only vaccinate from 3 years and up at pharmacy level.

People aged under 65 years with any of the medical conditions listed below
have any of the following cardiovascular diseases:

  • ischaemic heart disease, or

  • congestive heart failure, or

  • rheumatic heart disease, or

  • congenital heart disease, or

  • cerebrovascular disease; or

have either of the following chronic respiratory diseases:

  • asthma, if on a regular preventative therapy, or

  • other chronic respiratory disease with impaired lung function; or

have diabetes; or
have chronic renal disease; or
have any cancer, excluding basal and squamous skin cancers if not invasive; or
have any of the following other conditions:

  • autoimmune disease, or

  • immune suppression or immune deficiency, or

  • HIV, or

  • transplant recipient, or

  • neuromuscular or CNS disease/disorder,c or

  • haemoglobinopathy,d or

  • children on long-term aspirin, or

  • a cochlear implant, or

  • error of metabolism at risk of major metabolic decompensation, or

  • pre- or post-splenectomy, or

  • Down syndrome

For full criteria visit


Booster doses of Boostrix (containing vaccines for whooping cough, tetanus, and diphtheria) are available free to eligible people, and at a cost of $65 to ineligible people. No appointment needed, walk in 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Phone ahead on weekends to check availability.

Boostrix is free and recommended for pregnant people in their second and third trimester. Vaccination protects a baby until it is old enough to receive its own vaccinations. A new booster dose is recommended every pregnancy. People who will be in close contact with a newborn baby, such as fathers, grandparents and other close whanau are also recommended to get a Boostrix dose every 5 to 10 years (this is not funded).

A booster dose is also scheduled for all people at 65 years old. This dose is free of charge and is mainly intended to top up your tetanus immunity. If you are not sure whether you have received this dose, check with us or your doctor.

A Boostrix booster is recommended (but not funded) every 5 to 10 years for people with chronic lung conditions, those who work in health care, and those who work with young children.


The shingles vaccination (Shingrix) is recommended and funded for people who are 65 years old. The course is two vaccinations, with two to six months between doses. You must be 65 to receive funding for the first vaccination, but can be 66 to complete the second dose. People who are over 65 are still recommended to receive the vaccine, but it is not funded. Vaccination is available without an appointment, any time between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

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