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The medical name for hayfever is allergic rhinitis – this means an allergy affecting the nose. This allergy may be either seasonal, such as in spring when there is plenty of pollen or new plant growth which causes the allergy; or perennial which means all year round, when you are allergic to dust, pet hair or other irritant substances.  The severity and type of hayfever varies from person to person, but can make you miserable if not treated and the symptoms prevented.Those people that hav...

November 22, 2018

Post Viral Cough

Many people of all ages suffer from a dry and unproductive cough straight after suffering from a cold, flu or chest infection. Your cold may have cleared up, but your airways could still be irritated. And the worst is that cold drinks and cold air can set you off into a coughing frenzy.The bad news is that this annoying cough - which is known by some as the 100 day cough - can last anywhere between three to eight weeks.  In addition, antibiotics won’t work because the cough is generally a...

November 5, 2018

How to tell if its a cold or the flu

Often people talk about having ‘the flu’. But what they actually have is a cold. Other times people may say they have a ‘heavy cold’ and what they are suffering from is influenza, or the flu.Influenza is a serious viral infection that causes the death of many New Zealanders each year. A cold is also caused by a virus, but is self-limiting. This means that although it is inconvenient and makes you feel miserable, it rarely causes any serious conditions to develop before the cold eases aft...

June 4, 2018

New Pharmacist Only treatments available at Sanders

Great news - recently two medicines have become available for accredited Pharmacists to sell as Pharmacist-Only Medicines - meaning if you meet certain criteria, we can supply them to you following a consultation with one of our pharmacists, and you don't need to see your GP! Simon, Gemma and Leanne are all accredited - meaning we have done special study and passed tests - to be able to supply both Trimethoprim for Urinary Tract Infections and also Sildenafil (Silvasta - a generic of Viagra) fo...

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